Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Only With Your Hands

Did you know there is a way to refill your spiritual energy? Each and every one of us is capable of doing so.

The power to heal lies within each and every one of us.

For example when we cut ourselves, our own body produces new skin cells to repair the wound.  Another example is when we are hurt and we cry our mind and heart begin to calm in order to improve our mood. Actually, we all possess an inborn healing ability and the only thing that we need is to remember that it exists.

The human body is a real masterpiece, and it is a complex system always coordinated and well organized in its actions. While reading this simple article for example, a number of processes are happening in your body in order to read it, understand it and perceive it.

To keep such complex and intelligent system into perfect shape, condition and health, you need to exercise, stay hydrated, to have a good diet and enough sleep. But the things that are visible are not the only ones we have to take care of. Every one of us has also a hidden side, a spiritual one that needs our attention and care.

There is a bound between your inner and outer self, and that is why if you only take care for the outer part of your body you’ll never be fully healthy or happy.

Your spiritual energy originates from your body and it gives you that radiant glow or the aura as an energy field that surrounds your entire body. You may have noticed such glow on your own face or on others’.

If you want to look healthy and glowing, you should nourish and care for your spiritual energy, as much as you take care for your physical body. This way you’ll achieve not only physical, but also spiritual balance, which are equally important.

Our spiritual side controls our intuition and it is our internal guide. It helps us connect not only with ourselves, but with something that is actually much greater. It leads us in life and helps us make the right decisions. So, if you feel tired despite sleeping enough, if you feel unhappy even though you have no problems, you should consider recharging and restoring your spiritual energy.

Your spiritual energy also needs to be restored if you:

  • Feel you are lost
  • Lack energy for living your life even if you are successful
  • Feel you are not enough motivated
  • Want to experience, perceive and understand life on a deeper and more profound level
  • Feel stressed and worried all the time

One possible way to restore you spiritual energy is to heal yourself. Every one of us is able to do that, and here is one possible way to do it:

Step #1:

You should find a place where you won’t be disturbed. You can choose to lie down or sit upright in a chair. Then close your eyes, inhale and exhale for 5 times. You should take deep breaths not only into your chest, but into your belly as well.

Step #2:

Hold your hands like in a prayer and press gently your palms and finger tips together. Put your hands so that they touch the center of your forehead where the third eye is and then slowly bring them down to the center of your heart. This way you’ll connect and activate the third eye and heart chakras that are two powerful chakras.

Step #3:

The next step you should make is to start rubbing your palms in order to produce heat. Then you should place your right hand over your heart and the left one over the belly button. These are another two chakras that will be activated using only your two hands.

Step #4:

In this process it is very important to keep your eyes closed and to imagine how your hands send out white light in your body that heals, recharge and restore your energy centers. Visualize that the light goes down to the tips of your toes and up to the top of your head and visualize it making a protective glow all around your body.

Step #5:

Once you feel that your spiritual energy is refilled you should open your eyes and slowly shake your hands. After this, stand up and do some light stretches to keep your blood flow.

Step #6:

Drink enough water and stay hydrated through the rest of the day.

This is very simple and quick way to recharge your spiritual energy by simply sending healing energy to your body. You should practice healing 15 minutes every day for a period of one week in order to have the best results.

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