The Spiritual Significance of Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious? Is 13 your unlucky number? Is there anything to fear on Friday the 13th?

For years Friday the 13th has been considered as an unlucky day. A numerous horror movies have been named after this day and research also tells us that there is an increase of accidents on Friday the 13th. Many skyscrapers are missing 13th floor. They just skip it. Winston Churchill for example, refused to sit in row 13 in a theater or on an airplane. There is even a name for this fear: triskaidekaphobia.

But why? Where did all this come from?

Long ago, before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Mother Creation Goddesses for whom that day was named. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.

In Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Icelandic, and Teutonic cultures She had many names, Freya, Freia, Freyja, Fir, Frea and Frig. Friday is Frig’s Day, Frigedaeg, in Old English, Fredag in Danish, Freitag in Dutch. In Mediterranean lands, She reigned as Venus. In Latin, Friday is the Day of Venus, Dies Veneris; Vendredi in French, Venerdi in Italian and Viernes in Spanish.

Friday the 13th was considered a very powerful day to honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul. Friday is Venus Day and we all know that Venus is the epitome of feminine energy. Her energy joins us at the end of the week to honour the days gone by and to remind us that it is important to rest, relax and play.

As a society, we all look forward to Friday (Venus day), and we all naturally find ourselves chilling and relaxing in her comforting energy. Friday is the perfect day to embrace Venus like energy and to focus on creativity, beauty and sensuality.

The Number 13 also holds an extremely potent feminine energy and is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood. This is associated with having 13 Moon cycles every year and the average female also experiences 13 periods per year. If a woman’s periods are in sync with the cycle of the Moon, she will shed her lining on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon.

On average the 13th falls in the middle of the Moon cycle and represents that midway point between death and rebirth. (The midway point between the New Moon, where a woman is shedding -the death, and the Full Moon, where the woman is ovulating – rebirth). 13 is the number of blood, fertility, and lunar potency. 13 is the lucky number of the Great Goddess.

Before patriarchal times, when a woman was bleeding she was considered to embody divine and magical powers. She was regarded by all for her wisdom and ability to offer intuitive and psychic messages. When she was ovulating, she was considered to be at the height of her power and was celebrated for her ability to receive, hold and create new life.

When the society became more patriarchal, women were made to feel ashamed when they were having their periods and to ignore their amazing potential to create and hold space for new life.

Ant it was this attitude that contributed the idea that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

The lunar calendar is also made up of 13 months, which further supports 13 as holding feminine power. The Moon is also representative of feminine energy and helps us to understand and deal with our emotions and sensitivities.

In terms of astrology, the Moon not only governs our feelings and emotions, but also our potential and how we choose to express ourselves through life. In fact, for many people understanding their Moon sign can often help to bring more awareness than their Sun sign.

Friday the 13th is in fact, a very powerful day for feminine energy and creativity and has often been held in high regards by women and the pagan community, and many rituals and spells are often conducted on this day in order to make the most of this beautiful energy.

However, this also helped to contribute to the fear surrounding Friday the 13th, since it was an important day for many who worshipped the cycles of nature, often referred to as witchcraft.

Friday the 13th is not just for women. We all have feminine energy in us. It is a day for all of us to honor our abilities, to create and receive energy from the world around us.

As the matter of fact, Friday the 13th is a very lucky day. It is the day of the Goddess and a beautiful day for creating and celebrating life. It is just the right day to get in tune with your emotions and sensitivities and thank the beautiful Goddess that lives in all of us.

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