A Ritual You Need to Know About Cutting Etheric Cords

Do you find it odd how sometimes we are connected with some people, and sometimes, they even control our emotions? This invisible bond or connection that we share in a relationship is because of these Etheric cords. Etheric cords are what keep humanity connected. Without these cords we’d all be singular individuals and the world would be in chaotic.

Etheric cords are said to manifest from general interaction, love or fear. They keep us connected to people around us and the world as a whole. Everyone we meet during our lifetime connects with us through an etheric cord. Even a tiny interaction between people produces a slim etheric cord.

What is an etheric cord?

Etheric cords look like silvery, floating cords/strings that connect from the etheric (spiritual) body to someone else’s etheric body. The most common place of connection is the solar plexus (top of the abdomen) as this is where the essence of ones self lies although I also quite commonly see etheric cords that run from the third eye chakra (positioned on the forehead) and the heart chakra (middle of the chest). These are cords that have shifted from the solar plexus overtime as two people have established who each other essentially is and their connection lies in the mind or the heart now. The cord can move again as their relationship changes.

This etheric cord can be seen when you are romantically involved with someone. When we are involved with someone romantically, we automatically stimulate an energy cord with that person. The cord grows stronger as we start sharing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with that person through interaction.

Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes this Etheric cord as ‘hoses that connect two people and through which the energy flows to and fro between them’.

At times we are able to feel what our partner is going through even when they haven’t spoken a word to us. Due to this etheric cord, a high-frequency communication takes place between us and this is the reason we become aware of their thoughts without any real conversation. It seems more of telepathy to us.

Etheric cords can be strong (if they are developed through close relationships such as with your parents, children, spouse, lover, long-term best friend or even with someone from your past life) or weak (developed through interactions with strangers such as a shop assistants, friend of a friend etc.)

These cords can be healthy (when we connect to someone we love, then we have an energetic and vibrant source exchange), or unhealthy (when we connect to someone, whom we don’t like, and we feel that our feelings and energy are being controlled or even worse, it gets drained out).

Do you like the fact that someone is accessing your energy without your permission? Of course you do not.

So, what can we do? This is the right time to cut the unhealthy etheric cords and break free from the negative patterns to save our energy for the ones we love and care. Cutting the cord is beneficial because it releases the negative energy around you and brings in positive opportunities. You will feel re-energized and a sense of peace will prevail.

How to cut the cords?

You have already understood the importance of cutting the etheric cords, but the question is – HOW?

Follow the steps below to successfully accomplish the ritual of cord cutting:

  • To start off, first, find a place where you can stay alone for some time without any kind of disturbances.
  • Now, try to relax by taking deep breaths.
  • When you are completely relaxed, close your eyes. Now, recall your angel or spirit guides who can help you in the process.
  • Once you feel the presence of your angel guide, start reciting the below-mentioned mantra:

“Dear Angel Guides, I am asking for your help to heal me and let go of any negative energy that is holding me back, by cutting the etheric cords. All the cords that are attached to me are not allied with positive energy, love, and light, so I ask you to release these cords. Once they are released, surround me with positive and healing light that will protect me from negative attachments in the future. Thank You.”

  • Close your eyes to visualize the cords being released and in case you still find the strings attached, then repeat the mantra again and again until you are free from all the negative energy.

Follow the ritual straight from your heart and remember, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Once you are done with the ritual, smear the surroundings and take a bath with warm water and relax in a cozy and serene surrounding.

Still worried whether the ritual has worked for you or not?

If you feel more energized, balanced and light, then your ritual has worked perfectly for you.

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