Rick And Morty’ Is Being Taken Off Netflix Already

Hit adult cartoon Rick and Morty is being pulled from Netflix, it has been reported. Hit adult cartoon Rick and Morty is being pulled from Netflix, it has been reported.

The sci-fi sitcom has become an instant classic for adults across the world, following the adventures of mad scientist Rick, who drags his nervy grandson Morty through portals into different dimensions to go on strange adventures – much to the dismay of Morty’s dad.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created the show for Adult Swim back in 2013.

Since then it has become a cultural phenomenon, adored by fans across the globe – it was famously responsible in forcing global fast-food chain McDonald’s to bring back its Szechuan dipping sauce, which was discontinued 20 years ago.

Before the show appeared on Netflix, it was aired on FOX TV for the first two seasons, which were then available to watch on Comedy Central after season three aired on the streaming service.

Netflix bought the rights to stream the first two series and picked up the third, showing it as part of its Originals series.

But according to reports in the Daily Express, the first two series of the hit show could be axed from Netflix this week.

The paper says it is because the streaming service has not paid Adult Swim to renew its license to continue streaming it in the UK.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however – earlier this year it was announce that the show had been commissioned for a further 70 shows, so there are plenty more bizarre adventures and strange universes for the unlikely pairing to explore.

And according to reports, fans will still be able to enjoy series three, which will remain on the streaming service for the foreseeable future.
Let’s hope Netflix pulls its finger out and get the boys signed back up. Please.

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