Near-Death Survivor Reveals What Happens When We Die

Are you curious to find out what happens to us after we die? Read about it in this amazing story of a near-death survivor.

The question what happens to us when we die is a common question each one of us tried to find an answer for at least once in their lives. Each one of us understands life, afterlife and spirit realms in a certain way, but we are all curious to find out something more in order to explain life, death and the realms that exist in between.

There are many people who claim they have experienced death, one of them being Anita Moorjani, who personally explained her near-death experience in her book “Dying to Be Me”. She shares her experience in details and one thing that is especially interesting about her story is that it doesn’t include angels and demons, but there are actually some things that are beyond our capability to understand.

Another interesting fact about death experiences is that although there are some similarities or some core things that are common for near death stories, there are no two that are completely the same. The differences actually exist because there are different types of people with different things they need to see, learn and experience. This means that even in the afterlife, we differently perceive the things depending on our personal experiences.

You can read about Cherie’s full experience in the book God’s Fingerprints, Chapter 8, but here are 8 key facts that deserve to be emphasized:

1. Dying is quick and easy process

Cherie reveals that the process when her spirit left her body wasn’t complicated at all. She explains that it was a painless, quick and easy process as making a simple step, and she felt that there is nothing scary and nothing to be afraid of.

This actually proves that we shouldn’t spend too much time questioning whether death is something we should be afraid of, because Cherie claims that it makes us feel calm, light, free and extremely happy.

Cherie explains that when she crossed over, she saw herself floating around in the ball of white light feeling formless and feeling the connection between the things. In that moment she felt safe, comfortable and protected.

2. Death is not the end

Cherie explains that death is not the end of our existence and we can feel that we are still present, just in another form and in a different way. She wanted to let her family know that she is still here and she still feels their mutual connection.

Although she wasn’t physically present, she was able to understand that the love and everything she shared with each family member and each friend doesn’t fade or disappear, but it continues to grow even in the afterlife.

3. Space and time don’t exist

The doctors say that Cherie flatlined for more than 90 minutes and she was kept alive thanks to a life-support machine. While she was experiencing afterlife, her life was in danger, and although this lasted only a few days, she had a feeling like she had been away for years.

This is because as she says in afterlife space and time don’t exist. We cannot understand how that is possible, but there is no time measurement in afterlife.

4. You can only telepathically communicate

After she moved through the tunnel of white light, Cherie found herself surrounded by six higher beings dressed in black. She knew that she could feel safe surrounded by these beings, because she knew they were there to help her, although they were just standing around her without doing anything.

She instinctively realized that they communicate telepathically, so she had to focus and calm her mind to be able to hear them. This way of communication was something new to her, but it was not hard for her to learn it.

This means that even in the afterlife we sometimes have to calm our minds.

From the time she learned how to keep her mind calm and still, she began hearing the beings who were asking her whether she wanted to stay there or go back on Earth.

She felt like she has reached a state of perfect happiness, so she decided to stay in the afterlife. However, the beings first wanted to show her a life review and then accept her decision.

5. We Are Here to Make Personal Progress

In the afterlife you are going through all you have experienced during all of the lives you lived so far. Cherie claims that she watched or even she was made to live through some of her past lives and the live she lives now. She explains this like a really realistic experience and she says that she felt like she was there living her past lives day by day.

She actually was able to learn some very important things about life in general, thanks to the tough lives she witnessed all over again. Cherie also realized that all off the lives presented to her share a common theme.

From everything she witnessed, Cherie found out what was the purpose of her existence, and she knew that even if she didn’t go back to her current life, she would still have to learn the same lessons in some other life.

She explains that these lessons are not for us, but our soul needs to learn and understand them, while the Earth is considered to be the “testing ground” for that purpose.

After realizing this important thing, Cherie decided to go back to her body.

6.) Your Loved Ones Feel Your Pain

While she journeyed through the afterlife, Cherie met most of her loved ones who passed away years ago. She could notice that they were struggling in their afterlife just because they were worried about the ones they loved on Earth.

Cherie found out that they cannot relax or move on as long as their loved ones experience emotional pain and struggle to regain control over their lives.

Although it is normal all those who stay on Earth to feel grief and sorrow when someone dies, the souls of dead ones are not ready to move on into higher realms of the afterlife as long as their loved ones on Earth carry the memory of them.

Cherie reveals that you can feel the same things your loved ones are feeling and you can understand their deepest intentions during your afterlife. So, it is understandable that if the ones on Earth experience pain and suffering, it would be difficult for the souls of their loved ones to continue and find their way in the light.

About this Cherie says that “It’s so important to let those who have passed on know that you are grieving losing them in the physical, but that you will be ok. This helps them in their peaceful transition through the after realms.”

7.) Divine Beings Can Intervene in Our Lives

After everything she experienced, Cherie was taken to a white castle to wait until her soul was ready to enter back into her body.

According to Cherie the castle is actually a synonym for heaven and the higher beings and spirit guides she met there were actually influencing the doctors who were working on Earth to bring her back to life.

As the doctors estimated that her chances to live were less than one percent, she actually realized that although doctors are gifted and sometimes they are making some incredible things for their patients, the Spirit possess that immense power and will that allowed her to survive.

There is the question why some souls come back on Earth while others don’t. Cherie explains that the things that happen in the higher realms are much more complex than we actually imagine, and it is not possible to give a reasonable explanation why some souls come back and others don’t.

It is very important to notice that each soul has its own journey and a unique purpose in this life, so it isn’t logical to compare them.

8.) We are All Interconnected 

Maybe the most important conclusion from Cherie’s journey through the afterlife is that we are all interconnected. Cherie explains that we are all just stardust, that we are made up of the same matter as the stars, the sun and the galaxies that surround us.

All in all, we are actually as beautiful and unique as all the things we see in the Universe.

In Cherie’s words:

“The issues in life are so small compared to the greatness that is inside you”.




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