Man Opens Up A Portal In His Bedroom

Do you like the idea to travel within several minutes to another place? YES! Who wouldn’t like that…

Well, maybe it is possible, if you can open up a dimensional portal… But, this kind of staff don’t exist… or, maybe they are not still invented… or, are they? Check out the video below to find out!

So, after watching the video below, you might have second thoughts about the whole idea, and you may even believe that it is a possible to open up a dimensional portal.

This 3-minute video will spice up your imagination that opening a portal can be a  real thing. Published by FankyFatHead on YouTube, the video labeled ‘Getaway To Sedona’ suggest that a man has discovered how to open a portal to another location. To do that ,you only need a light with a speaker, and an online frequency generator. This portal apparently show you the way to Sedona, Arizona directly from his bedroom. First, he placed the speaker light on his bed, then he starts manipulating some frequency sound based controls on his laptop software program. Finally, the light speaker opens up an orb with a hole shaped like a ring, showing another place.

A brief description follows the video:

“I believe pretty much all of the locales I have documented are on Earth. It was close to 20 years ago when I last went but I’m pretty sure 525 Hz leads to Sedona, Arizona.”

During the first part of the video, the man says that he used a sound tone generator. The tone was first set to 528 Hz. Then, while the camera was panning across to the speaker light on the bed, another sound generator set to 525 Hz was used in the web browser. Next, the man says that he and his friend had booked a trip to Sedona, Arizona several days earlier to be there on 11/11/2017. His friend confirmed that the place from the portal likes like Sedona.

However, the video went viral with 60,000 views in just several days. Some find it fascinating, some say it’s a joke, and some keep rewinding it to watch it again, and again. Moreover, many people claim that they are skeptical because, if this was done live on some social media on streaming broadcast, it would be believable. Now, it just hard to believe.

Two questions have risen:

  1. Are they going to use this portal to travel to Sedona?
  2. Why the man wasn’t brave enough to put anything through the portal?

We only need to wait and see what’s next!

So, do you think that this man really opened a portal in his bedroom manipulating frequency sounds? Or is it a fraud? Either way, it is quite interesting to watch.

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