Hidden Continent Underneath The Ice Of Antarctica Kept As A Top Secret

Antarctica – land of extremes! The fifth largest continent in the world that has barely been touched by humans. Land with a population of only a few thousand scientists who have set scientific bases. The brave visitors that had the courage to go and visit this place have been rewarded with a breathtaking scenery and a unique experience.

However, recently it was found out that everything we knew about Antarctica was apparently not true!

Four hundred and fifty miles from the South Pole, the surface of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet makes a subtle transition, barely perceptible to the senses. This endless plain of flat, sun glaring snow somehow becomes even flatter. You can’t quite see it, but ride through on a snowmobile and you can feel the change. The horizon seems to drop away. The endless carpet of white expands before you, making you feel even smaller than before.

According to Russia, what this is really about has been kept as a Top Secret by the government of the United States of America and the Russian government. No one has spoken about that until now!

Hidden continent underneath the ice of Antarctica

Very recently Russia released information that has attracted the interest of a numerous great world leaders – there is another continent hidden underneath the ice in Antarctica!

It is believed by many that this is where an ancient civilization has been hidden for many centuries…

Now Antarctica has a ban and people are wondering why the governments chose to keep this important discovery as top secret. That extreme lifeforms might exist in the cold and dark lakes hidden kilometres beneath the Antarctic ice sheet has fascinated scientists for decades. Understanding how life can exist in the most extreme conditions on Earth can help us to understand how and where life might exist elsewhere in the solar system.

Underneath the ice of Antarctica, Russian scientists have found hundreds and hundreds of lakes. Another shocking fact is that the water of these lakes was not frozen; it appeared to be fresh water! It has been hidden and isolated for over 10 million years. It took these scientists 10 years to drill through the ice to get to the biggest lake underneath it. An elevator has been installed in the hole and took a team of 8 underneath the ice of Antarctica and revealed the lakes that were hidden down there.

But taking direct samples from these lakes deep in the Antarctic interior poses major technological difficulties, not least of which is drilling through more than 3km of ice to reach them. Instead I, along with other scientists at the British Antarctic Survey, University of Durham and University of Ghent examined the margins of the retreating ice sheet, looking for subglacial lakes becoming exposed for the first time since they were covered by ice more than 100,000 years ago. We discovered one, Hodgson Lake, when we noticed an unusually flat area a few km from where we were working on the George VI ice shelf.

Scientists from Russia found a deadly creature called “organism 46b”

Out of our planet’s seven continents, Antarctica is certainly the most mysterious. It’s an area that’s been really rather closed off to research on account of its subzero temperatures, making it uninhabitable for humans. Wildlife is still in abundance, however, with seals, polar bears, and… a super massive killer octopus or squid species?

The scientists have found a creature that is said to be very similar to a big octopus and it has 14 arms. They came across this creature while researching the region. The creature named ‘Organism 46B’ is said to be very dangerous. It is able to paralyze people because of its strong venom and it can do this at more than 150 feet away. Apparently, it has been reported that this creature has killed one of the scientists.

Once they enslaved it and put it in a tank, the scientists took the creature to study it, and claim to be similar to the Mimic Octopus. It is said to have the camouflage powers of the octopus, but it can take mimicry even further. Their plan is to look into its capabilities along with its venom. The discovery of the Organism 46B has proven theories that there are monsters lurking underneath the ocean and the ice.

One of the crew members witnessed himself the change of its form. If it really possesses that ability, no wonder this whole thing is being kept as a top secret. We can’t do much here except wondering what else is hiding underneath all of that…

Maybe this is just a disguise and something much bigger is kept away from us?

Article based on: http://www.disclose.tv

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