Loners Are The Most Loyal and Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet

Are you a loner or do you have a friend who is? If yes, this is the article for you! We will try to explain what kind of people are loners, why they enjoy being alone, and what makes them loyal and smart.

But, remember that being a loner is completely different than being lonely. Keep reading to learn more, and if you find this article interesting, share it with those in need.

Who Are The Loners?

Loners are that kind of people who prefer to stay to themselves, while the others are working hard to make friends, and to connect with everyone. Many people have difficulty understanding why loners don’t have many social interests, attitudes, or style, and think that loners doesn’t fit in social life standards.

Moreover, it may appear that loners are socially awkward, or even lonely. On the contrary, loners choose to be alone, and doesn’t give a damn what others think about them. Actually, they enjoy in their solitude, because they are a deep thinkers who constantly analyze the world around them, and solitude gives them time to sort things out. They are the intellectuals who think about big ideas that can change the world. If truth to be told, their goals and ideas became reality.

Loners are the ones who choose to spend time doing something they love, not because social life requires it. Furthermore, they are more confident in relying on themselves for happiness rather than depending on other people. Keep in mind that loners doesn’t feel above everyone else, or regard themselves so highly that they simply ignore others. In fact, they are compassionate, and down to earth people who care a lot for others.

Types Of Loners

There are two different types of loners: extroverted and introverted.

Extroverted loners has no problem making friends or being social. They find it easy to communicate with everyone, and most of the time they have the ability to share their thoughts and feelings with others. Extroverted loners are comfortable in large crowds. Moreover, they carry great potential to be your best friend, but they choose to be alone. So, if they want to spend their time with you, it’s because they really like you.

On the other hand, introverted loners feel more secure and safe by being alone, and they keep their thoughts to entirely to themselves. Moreover, they have a harder time in large groups of people, and they are easily overwhelmed by crowds. That’s why they choose different social interactions such as online forums, and communities. Those massive groups of people may intimidate them, and they might become anxious. Introverted loners still want human interactions, but their ways of communications are different.

Both types of loners are in search of real people, and choose them carefully. Moreover, they desire to experience true intellect and genuine emotion. So, loners choose to find friends that share common interest, because they want true and real life conversations about how the world works, and they hate gossip.

 To End

If you have a friend who is a loner, keep him/her close to you, because even though the loner enjoys being alone in most of the cases, they chose you to be their friend. Once they choose a person in their life, they have chosen them forever.

Moreover, allow loners to enter your life, because they will enrich both your mind and life. Loyalty and intelligence are main characteristics of loners. So, be smart, and choose your friend wisely.

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