Your face tells it all – the signs of your health problems and how to deal with them

Maybe your mother or grandmother told you that having dark circles under your eyes means that you have kidney problems, and you didn’t take her seriously. Well, think again, because she may be right.

From ancient times, the Chinese have developed a face mapping system that connects the signs on your face to various health conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that all organs in our body are interconnected. And since the skin is our biggest organ, it can show if something internal is going on. So, if you have pimples, blemishes, or other skin changes, find your problem below and discover what is going on inside your body.

Acne on the forehead – small intestine and bladder problems

Skin issues on either sides of the forehead point to digestive system problems. In such case you should start avoiding processed food and white bread, sugar. A good diet for these issues is one with little or no grains and dairy (such as Paleo) And this is always a good advice, drink plenty of water to hydrate and cleanse your skin.

Acne between the eyebrows and on the temples – liver problems

Acne or pimples between the eyebrows and on the temples are a sign that you may have liver problems. Reduce alcohol consumption to prevent serious conditions such as cirrhosis. The presence of allergens also can cause your liver to fight off the toxins attacking your body, so note what foods you are consuming during the period when acne appear. You should also make sure to get enough sleep, and doing light exercises everyday can help your body’s rest afterwards.

Acne over the eyebrows and on the nose – heart problems

Acne at the tip of your nose are often a sign of poor cardiovascular health. So it is advised to check your blood pressure and cholesterol, and turn to healthier life habits and reduce stress. But since they can also be caused by a makeup buildup, get your face cleaned well before going to sleep.

Acne under the eyes – kidney problems

The area around your eyes indicates problems or poor kidney health, which is manifested not only by pimples but by dark circles around the eyes. The solution is usually proper hydration (more water, fresh juices or tea) to improve your kidney function.

Acne within the ears, redness or heat sensation is also a signal of trouble with your kidneys. This is an alarm to cut back on caffeine, alcohol or sodas, drink more water instead and get plenty of sleep.

Acne on the cheeks, mouth and chin – stomach problems

A pimple in the middle part of the chin reveals stomach problems or other digestive issues.

Your first aid is to avoid processed food, fat, sugar and alchohol so that the intake of toxins is reduced, and turn to fermented food and herbal tea (particularly peppermint tea) which will calm your stomach.

Acne under the cheeks – lung problems

The area under the cheekbones is acne-prone and it is a sign of respiratory issues due to allergies or smoking. If you are not a smoker or don’t suffer from allergies but still have pimples there, don’t expose your body on too much heat, or invisible indoor toxins and make sure to take walks on fresh, clean air. Your diet should include cooling (alkaline) food (garlic, onion, leafy vegetables, peppers, avocado and kiwi fruit) and steer clear from sugar.

Acne on the chin, jaw and neck – reproductive system problems

Skin issues on either side of your chin indicate hormonal changes in your body or stress. It is a well known that many women get acne in these zones before or during their cycle. You can help yourselves by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet, control the consumption of salt and caffeine, drink plenty of water, eat more leafy vegetables, stress less and sleep more.

This is why the Chinese say that the face is the window to your health. Like if you agree or share with someone you care about and has similar problems.

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