Your Belly Button Reveals Facts About Your Health

Hardly ever we do look at our belly button and take care of it. It is part of our body that is rarely cleaned and taken care off and many of us do not even know what it means to the body. However, according to the experts it has its own importance. The new research conducted by various scientists revealed different aspects of the shape of the navel. Apparently, the shape of the navel can reveal various things about an individual’s health problems. It can even help someone to know if certain parts of the body are functioning well or not.

Just for the purpose to understand the role of bacteria in human health, a group of scientists collected samples of germs found in the belly button from 500 people. The analysis showed a variety of bacteria, including Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.

1. Bulged Belly Button.

Although protruding belly button is fine, but if it looks unusual, you might be suffering from a hernia. A bulge in belly button is seen when someone lifts heavy stuff and that is the main reason behind a hernia.

2. Little Bulge.

If you have sight bulge in your belly button, you are more prone to the various type of flu viruses. You will have a rough time with flu and cold.

3. Almond Shaped.

People with almond shaped belly button may suffer from various problems: muscular pain, weakness in bones as well as migraine.

4. Bulged With U-Form.

Although it looks beautiful, people having belly button bulged in U-Form are said to have the risk of skin diseases as well as kidney diseases, but are less likely to have genetic abnormalities.

5. Tucked Navel

These people do not have bigger problems but they do suffer from weight disorders. They are prone to digestion problems and most commonly constipation.

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