Kidnapped Age 20 Girl Wasn’t Raped and Killed Because of 1 Thing Her Mom Taught Her

Jordan Dinsmore, twenty-year-old student of the University of South Carolina, faced and escaped raping on July 26, 2017. The day was just like the rest of them. She went to work and when the day was over, she left work and was returning home to South Carolina. It was the day when her life nearly changed forever. Here’s her story.

After finishing her shift in the restaurant where she was working, Jordan arrived at her apartment complex and was getting out of her car when a pair of men (later revealed to be teenagers) came near her car, took her personal possessions and pointed a gun at her.

“I panicked and started screaming,” she told Teen Vogue.

“Shut up or I’ll shoot you,’ the guy holding the gun told me as he forced me to the ground.”

Unable to drive her car because it was a stick shift (they couldn’t handle the vehicle’s manual transmission) they told her to drive them to the nearby ATM. After withdrawing $300, Jordan begged for them to take her car and go. They refused to do that and ordered her to drive them somewhere else, threatening her that they were going to violate her.

“Now you’re going to drive us somewhere else,” one of the young men said. “And when we get there, you’re going to be raped.”

That was the moment when Jordan was determined to take action. She thought of her mom who once inspired her with a true story that had happened to her.

“Never let someone take you to a second location, because that’s where the really bad stuff happens” her mother, Beth Turner, advised her.

Her mom, Beth Turner was almost a victim of sexual assault when she was in college, and she fought back and fought the man off.  ‘I’m going to be strong like my mom. I’m going to get myself out of this” Jordan thought.

A man had lurched up from behind her car, intending to attack her. She remembered her mother’s advice and did not buckle her seatbelt when she got back into the car. Only by violently kicking him was she able to escape.

She had to wait until she reached an intersection where three more cars were approaching from different directions. She quickly analyzed the situation, put her car in neutral and hurled herself from it at 30 or 40 miles per hour.

“I just kind of thought in my head, ‘Do it, do it, do it,’ and then the next thing I know, my hands were on the handle, I was opening the door and I was staring at the pavement.”

When she got out of the car, she sought help. Two cars drove by without stopping. Fortunately, the driver of the third car came to Jordan’s aid, helping save her. Jordan’s only regret is that she didn’t see the reaction on their faces when she dove out of the car.

“They were in a moving vehicle, without a driver, and a 20-year-old girl just outsmarted you. I wish I could’ve seen their faces at that moment, so that they knew that I might have been a victim, but I was not victimized.”

Since the kidnappers were unable to drive her vehicle, they kidnappers ran away. A woman who saw Dinsmore running away, dialed 911.

As reported, the authorities arrested the teens immediately, who were 15 and 17 years old. They have also been involved in several crimes in the area.

When Jordan called her mother, she first had to reassure her that she was ok, and afterward she retold her the whole story.

“You know, as a parent, you tell your kids stuff all the time,” Turner said. “You don’t know what they’re listening to you, don’t know what they’re paying attention to, and to hear … that she was actually listening and that was what was with her in her head … feels really good.”

“I had always told her, don’t ever let somebody get you out of the public eye.”

“I knew she was a tough, smart, bright girl… I didn’t know she had this in her, though,” she said with a proud smile and a shake of her head. “I didn’t know she had this in her.”

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