15 Cheaters Brutally/Brilliantly Exposed on Facebook

OK, so my question is: Is anyone monogamous any more? But truly monogamous? We may not be having serial affairs in the John Terry/Tiger Woods mode but we are for sure less monogamous than we used to be, aren’t we?

Relationship expectations have evolved and some people are now in open or polyamorous relationships but not everyone has given up on the idea of monogamy just yet.

“When you have an open relationship the rules start to become a bit more grey.”

They say what goes around comes around. We all know that karma is a bitch. So, if you have been part of a cheating affair, especially if are the heartbroken party, we believe you’re well within your rights to name and shame your love rat ex lover. At least, nowadays it is easy to expose and shame your cheating love rat. The internet provides the ideal platform for it. And the following lying cheaters testify it.

1. Karma is a bitch

2. Mistake that can cost you a relationship

3. Where‘s the fire?

4. Safe to say that Sarah has just got owned.

5. Red handed.

6. Most people don’t need telling that cheating is wrong…

7. Cold as ice, love it.

8. Hit him where it hurts – the Xbox.

9. Ouch.

10. He’s reached 10,000 – let’s hope she was joking!

11. Will Farmville make it up?

12. Terrible decision.

13. Whoopsies.

14. Over and done with.

15. Steph = legend.

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