People Went Crazy About This Giant Teddy Bear That’s All Legs

For the most part you would think that this is just an enormous toy bear and you’d be right. However, the exact proportions of the stuffed teddy bear toy have led to people absolutely losing their shit online. It comes in white and brown and costs just under $US110.

Most of the customers on Amazon feel deceived since they have been receiving a serious surprise when they order a teddy bear advertised as standing at a 6ft 5in tall.

Although from the pictures on the online retailer’s website, the Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear looks like a far larger version of your average cuddly toy, there’s a reason for the bear’s height that only becomes apparent when it’s delivered.

The height teddy isn’t due to it simply being an over-proportioned average bear, an entire four foot of its overall height is due to its incredibly long legs.

One customer wrote: “All of the pictures are taken at angles so you can’t see that the bear is all legs. It’s disproportional and creepy. I feel deceived by the pictures.”

Another added: “Hideous! The legs are like 4 feet long making the bear look like a creepy gummy thing. I got this for Valentine’s Day and would have rather had a cheaper more proportional bear, I mean this isn’t even cute.”

But the bear has been picking up traction on social media, with a number of people posting images of it, leading to it going viral:

Even though the suppliers have clearly been using some trickery of the camera in the pictures, the bear still has a 4.6 rating on the website, presumably because it’s absolutely hilarious and looks so chill in the photos.

Plus, what’s wrong with being long-legged anyway, as one five star reviewer put it: “My boyfriend got my this for our anniversary and it is just amazing! It is so soft and very cute. Its legs are a little long and disproportionate but that isn’t going to stop me from loving it.”

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