Check What Are Best To Worst Girlfriends Rank Based On Your Zodiac

Have you ever wonder which zodiac sign is the best girlfriend? And, which one is the worst? Brace yourself! We made a list for you. Check it out, and tell us what you think.

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are known to be their own worst enemies, but they will never humiliate you in a way they do themselves. Being the toughest critic as girlfriends, Sags will prize others only you to see your full capacity and potential. Moreover, they are selfless, and always put the others’ needs in first place. Because of this fact, it comes to ignoring their feelings and needs which might cause difficulties in the relationship. Sagittarius girlfriends are hard to get, but once you break through their walls, you will always have a place in their heart. They put trust first, so once you gain their trust, you will have their loyalty forever.


Pisces girlfriends are shy at first, and without thinking, they will push you away which will come to you very fascinating. But, when the shyness is over, they will let you in, and you will realize that they are the best people they could be. Being the number one people that you can trust the most, Pisces will give you all support you need without questioning. Moreover, they are most sensitive which makes them not capable of hurting you. Out of all signs, Pisces girlfriends, are good at reading people, constantly watching you and picking up on body language. Moreover, they direct themselves on vibes, so they can always guess when you are off even when you are pretending that you are fine. And, they will do anything to make you feel better. Pisces don’t fight in their relationship because they just don’t believe that fighting will solve your problems.


Natural born perfectionists, Capricorn girlfriends will always try their best and give their fullest in relationships. They are the dominant ones. Being harder to read, Capricorns are good at hiding their feelings which gives them strength. They guard their heart unbelievably strong, so if you succeed in winning them over, consider yourself the greatest love warrior. In a relationship, Capricorns will always stand by your side and they will defend every step you take. For them, the people they love are the once who matter the most.


Being the kindest of all zodiac signs, Libras are the givers in a relationship, and fail to put their needs first. They won’t even ask for the things that bother them. Trying to avoid conflict, Libra girlfriends avoid talking about their problems which make things become worse in the relationship. Moreover, they strive to be happy, and when someone hurts them they feel it very deeply, and they need more time to recover. Libras will include you in every social aspect in their life. However, if you are have a Libra girlfriend, you should keep them on a long leash without being jealous, because they will end the relationship.


On one hand, Geminis are fun and outgoing. On the other hand, they are dark and negative. While they will always try to hide the side that they don’t like, you as their partner, will have to learn how to accept and love both sides of them. Being highly trustful and loyal, Gemini girlfriends will accept each part of who you are. However, if you cross them, they will cut you off without giving you a second chance. Geminis are know that they love hard and feel pain very deeper.


Ranked at number six, Aquarius girlfriends are the weirdest of all signs, which isn’t always a bad think. They need their independency, so they usually duck out of the relationships. But, if you can get Aquarius to commit to you, you will gain a loyal partner forever. The hardest part of having Aquarius girlfriend, is to teach them how to love themselves. They will love your flaws, but they will hate theirs even if they are the same. Aquarius are incapable of channeling their love into themselves. Being overthinkers and insecure, prepare yourself to hear many life scenarios made up in their head, which can grow into frustration and destroy your relationship. Be patient with them.


Known as hopeless romantics, Leo girlfriends have many expectations that sometimes are not even realistic. They will do anything for the person they love. Giving everything they have in the relationship, Leos will pick a fight if their partner doesn’t give enough. Leo girlfriends should understand that high expectations are good, but the unrealistic ones make them getting hurt. They have a magnet to attract the wrong people and always stick towards a certain type no matter how much they get hurt. When it comes to love, Leos don’t listen to anyone, they act as they think. They are not bad girlfriends, but they fall for the wrong people who just don’t want to commit to them.


Next on the list are Cancer girlfriends. Known to have a heart of gold, they will put everything they have which only led to getting hurt. Cancers are not bad, but they push people away. They don’t trust anyone which makes their relationships difficult to handle. Also, Cancers have trouble in making decisions which is another reason for difficulty in the relationship.


The toughest to get in a relationship is definitely Taurus. They just don’t want to be a part of it. Being very independent, Taurus girlfriends are satisfied with their own life, and are happy with everything they do. Having a cold heart, they can break hearts the worst. Once a relationship ends, it has ended for good. Don’t believe in second chances, don’t believe in running circles with people. Taurus girlfriends do everything at their pace with their own pleasure.


Rushing quickly into a relationship, Aries girlfriends can be intimidating for the partner. Being the dominant one, they like to take control of all situations, and in a relationship they are the ones who make the calls. What Aries girlfriend needs is a partner totally opposite of her. Having a bad temper and acid tongue, Aries will win every fight in a relationship.


The most critical of all signs, Virgos make relationship hard because they never think that they are good enough. Being perfectionists, they will fall apart when something fail, which makes them very self-destructive. Moreover, Virgo girlfriends are jealous and insecure that may lead to an end of the relationship. No matter what you say, they respond with negativity. It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who not only doesn’t love herself, but also makes you feel that she doesn’t love you either.


The scariest of them all, Scorpio girlfriends control everything and all relationships they are part of. Known as heartless and cold, they hold their relationship standards very high, so their partners must be very careful with them. Moreover, Scorpios are honest, and don’t hold anything back, but they know to be ruthless if you cross them. Once you mess up, you are dead to them. There is no way to predict their steps, so you have only one choice: always be on their side or Scorpio girlfriend will destroy you. Keep in mind that they are the toughest to fall for love.
Do you agree with our list? If you have another point of view, feel free to share it with us. We are eager to listen your opinion.

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