WW3 Fears Grow – Latest chilling INVASION Threat From China to US

Taiwan is still considered to be part of China’s territory and China is considering to use force to bring the island under its control.

President Xi has collided with Donald Trump over the issue, recently urging him not to allow the Taiwanese President through US territory.

When US exposed their plans to send warships to Taiwan it caused nothing else but further rage in China. Refering to this, the diplomat Li Kexin stated: “The day that a US navy vessel arrives in Kaohsiung, is the day that our People’s Liberation Army unite Taiwan with military force.”

If the US Navy does send warships to Taiwan, it would breach the Chinese law and probably move Beijing to mobilize their forces. Mr Li added that although China was on the lookout for a peaceful solution, in case that was not possible, they would seek a military one.

A military report given by the RAND Corporation claimed that the situation in Taiwan was making war between the two superpowers more likely by the day.

In spite of the growing risk between US President Trump and President Xi, the think tank still stated that they did not think a supreme war would happen in the near future.
It stated:

“We still do not believe that a Chinese-US military conflict is probably in any of the cases. But our main of confidence is somewhat lower than it was six years ago.”

President Xi recently said China’s scandalously constrained internet could become more open. A statement made by him was read out at the country’s fourth annual World Internet Conference in which Xi revealed the nation’s cyberspace was ‘entering a fast lane’, despite blacklisting Skype just last month.

Most western apps, like Facebook and Twitter, are prohibited in China and the only big US company that is present among the nation is Apple. Boss Tim Cook discovered developers had earned £12.6bn from the localized version of the App Store.

China’s social media equivalent is Tencent, which very recently overtook Facebook in value with a worth of £378bn thanks to 500 million users

Watch the following video to see the reasons why China and Taiwan hate each other:

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