Is your body too acidic? Learn the warning signs and how to quickly alkalize it

Why should we care if our body is too acidic or not? We’re alive and breathing, that should be enough, right? Wrong.

One of the factors that determines whether or not we fall in a coma and die, is body acidity. Here’re a few fun facts about human blood.

The blood that runs in our body is the most important element of human life, therefore, all organs in our bodies work towards keeping the blood in perfect shape, sort to say. That means, maintaining the blood’s PH level between 7-7.35. If this PH level gets distorted by any reason, all organs in the body work towards correcting it back to its normal levels. Why? For one simple reason: if the acidity level drops below 7, the human being can fall in a coma and die. In addition, many conditions such as exhaustion and severe digestive tract problems can happen as result to distorted acidic body.

So how do you know if your body is too acidic?

The first signs of acidic body that should ring the alarm include severe confusion, tiredness, tremors, headaches, sleepiness and even dysfunction of the cerebrum of the brain, which can lead to coma if left unhandled. However, it’s the 21st century, and finding out whether your body is too acidic or not, has become much, much easier. All you need to do is just go to the pharmacy and buy litmus strips; an easy and simple tool for measuring your body’s PH level. With the litmus strips, you can do PH analysis of your body through a sample of your saliva and urine. Of course, you’d need to do this regularly over the course of few weeks, to get enough data to compare and draw the end conclusion. The referent numbers which you should pay attention to are: 7-7.4 PH level of your saliva throughout the day, and 6-6.5 PH level of your urine throughout the day. If your straps show results with drastic deviation than these referent values, then you need to take proper measures to alkalize your body.

Alkalizing your body can be done by making some small changes in your everyday diet. Include more raw food like fresh and raw fruits and veggies. Don’t rush into thinking that fruits that are citrusy like lemons and oranges, will increase acidity. On the contrary, lemons are highly recommended when trying to alkalize your body. Also, include more plant protein like oat or quinoa, and more green juices. Try to alkalize the water you drink as well, or turn to mineral water, as some researchers claim that distilled water as such, isn’t natural or known to human history.

All in all, alkalizing the body shouldn’t be seen as something complex or scary, but as a way of taking care of your body from within, so you look fresh and healthy on the outside.

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