Be Careful What You Wish For,  It Might Come True – 10 Facts About Our Brain

Human brain is one of the least explored areas in science and even experts agree that there is more we don’t know about the brain than we currently do know. Our knowledge of the brain has exploded recently and most of what we know about the brain has been discovered in the last 15 years.

Our brain is incredible organ. It can help us our cherished dreams to come true, and achieve the most complicated goals. Yet, first, we should understand the principles on which our brain works.


1. Our brain does not differentiate reality and imagination

Scientists say that our brain does not make any difference between reality and imagination and that is why it reacts to every thought; it cannot tell a fact from a fantasy. This explains why some people who are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses feel happier.  It also explains why our body accepts a placebo as a real pharmaceutical product.


2. Mental work doesn’t tire the brain

It’s our emotions that cause exhaustion to our brain. It has been proved that the composition of blood that is flowing through the brain during its active work remains unchanged unlike for instance, blood from the veins of a man who has worked all day changes considerably.


3. The brain works automatically

For some people it is really difficult to change their perception of the world. Especially negative thoughts. Experts say ‘more than half of today’s thoughts are thoughts from yesterday’ and that’s why it’s so difficult for pessimists to change their perception of the world. These people literally need to clean their brain and make  new ‘restart’ for each new day. They should learn how to react to positive things more often.


4. You see what we are thinking about.

Change your thoughts and you’ll change the world around you. We turn out thoughts into real life experiences. For example, if we dream about a trip around the world, we’ll see reminders of it everywhere.


5. Our brain needs training just like our muscles

The brain is no different from muscles: it also needs training. Learning, fresh air workouts, healthy eating, sound sleep, traveling to new places, new activities, making notes, dancing, and even playing Tetris are all useful for your brain.


6. There is no ‘turn off’ button in our brain

Our brain never rests. Not only it’s active even while we sleep but its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day.


7. Shutting down from time to time is vital.

Sometimes it is essential for us to “shut down” in order to give a break to our immune system. Active rest is just what our brain needs. It’s the most useful kind of relaxation.


8. Forgetting is good for our nervous system.

Clean your brain of pled memories in order to ‘save’ new ones. It would be really nice if we could choose what to remember and what to forget. A possible solution to this is to use the information we want to preserve more often.


9. Our brain is insensitive to pain.

The brain itself doesn’t have nociceptors (pain receptors) and can’t sense pain. For instance, if you were to stab your brain tissue, it wouldn’t hurt. All the stuff around your brain (meninges, bone, muscle, skin, etc.) does have pain receptors though.


10. You can change your brain

Have you heard the saying ‘be careful what you wish for it might come true.’ Well, any kind of activity makes our brain generate new neural connections. So, if you say to yourself “I’ll succeed, I can do it” the brain itself will give you opportunities to realize your goal. We have the ability to achieve absolutely everything. The main thing is to believe in yourself.

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