What You Eat is Poison! These are the 2 Easiest Steps to Identify GMO Tomatoes

Eating healthy and always having raw veggies and fruits is definitely important for us. The experts around the world agree on this topic big time. Still, many fruits and the vegetables which are found at the markets happen to be GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). To that end, many experts have focused their studies on revealing the dangerous health outcome of the consumption of GMO products.

Yet, many people are exposed on eating these dangerous products without even knowing what they actually eat. They cannot really say whether a tomato is a GMO product or not. By reading this article you will learn how to make a difference between the product that’s good for you and the one that is not.

Are GMOs Safe?

The attitude towards this particular question leads to only two answers. One is related to leaders of industries that encourage the production of GMOs, and the other is the answer of people who see the harmfulness in those products. GMO food is known as food that provokes allergic, even toxic reactions, sickness and internally affects every organ, showed by studies on lab animals.
Note: Many of the well developed countries find the GMO products dangerous for their people. Australia, Mexico, Peru and Japan are part of the 60 countries where the production and consumption of the genetically modified foods have been totally banned.

GMO Labeling and Identification

The ‘price lookup number’ or PLU code will give you the information whether the product you are buying is being grown in a conventional way, in an organic way or it was genetically modified.

  • A conventional way of growing means that the product passed through the phases of fertilizing then was grown with pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics and hormones. A four digits code is given to these products. For example, you will see a fruit labeled with: 4022.
  • An organic way of growing means that the products aren’t grown with any synthetic chemicals. You will see a five digits code which always starts with nine on these products. The organic fruit, for instance, would be: 94022.
  • Genetically modified (GMO) products are containing five digits code, which always starts with the number eight. The GMO banana would be: 84022.

Note: The statistics have shown that unfortunately over 80% of the foods produced in the U.S. are GMO. Speaking of this, many European countries like Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Austria and others, have totally forbid the GMO products.

Check out what Professor David Suzuki has to say out against GMO’s in this video.

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