The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of emotions. Do you dare to live it?

18 things you should know before you hang out with an entrepreneur

“We are not tired of talking about the empires we are building and we are looking for people who are willing to listen to us.”

By definition entrepreneur is a ‘person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.’ Of you have decided that you want to go out with an entrepreneur, watch out! It’s could be kind of complex thing to do, especially if you are not starting a business yourself. “We have strange habits and strange characteristics” – they say. We recommend you to read 18 things you should know before you go out with an entrepreneur.

1. We see thing through the prism of money

They are not stingy, but they’d rather use their money wisely. As a matter of fact, they know more about tax deduction than anyone else because everything has to have a strategy.

2. We read A LOT about business and personal development

If for the most people there is a point where they are satisfied with their personal and professional progress, entrepreneurs very rarely reach that point. As a result, booksellers have infinite memories, autobiographies and analysis of great innovators.

3. We never “quit”

Entrepreneurs take their work everywhere they go. The office day may be over, but the entrepreneur does not stop. It is challenging to convince an entrepreneur to relax.

4. No working hours

Business owners have numerous roles i.e. they have to cover marketers, content creators, marketers, leaders, customer care, and the list goes on. It’s impossible to fit this routine in a time frame (9 am to 5 pm) like other professions, so it is not unusual to see an entrepreneur late (carrying his laptop) or to wake up at dawn to work on a business plan.

5. Analyze if things deserve their time

If they decide that something is not enjoyable or productive, they would not want to waste their precious time. They have an agenda and every issue is carefully graded. So if and entrepreneur spends time with you, it’s because they really want to do it.

6. They ask a lot of questions

Entrepreneurs never stop learning. They are always eager to know more and learn more. Their natural curiosity is their inner engine, so these people never stop asking questions. Even though the subject of the conversation does not have to do anything with their business, they want to get the most knowledge possible. Entrepreneur is a person who knows a lot and who will motivate you to continue learning.

7. Do not ‘click’ with loose people

Entrepreneurs would rather be surrounded with people who can inspire them, and people from whom they can learn, Inspiring people maintain their motivation. They love to discuss and share ideas with other entrepreneurs and innovators. They simply don’t click with ‘loose’ people because they discourage them.

8. We are ‘todólogos’

Remember that entrepreneurs always feel like learning? Well, when they say they know about the subject, they believe they know everything about it. These highly motivated people can inspire people with different abilities.

9. Live to achieve

Entrepreneurs always have a set goal and they are constantly working towards achieving it. Each success inspires them to take the next step. Your support in this process will be indispensable.

10. They are spontaneous

The constant lack of time (we have already mentioned that a schedule from 9 am to 5 pm does not work for them), constant changes in responsibilities and the mentality of doing things no matter what happens ensures that there is no a boring moment with an entrepreneur. A good idea is always welcomed, and when it arrives, we pursue it to the end.

11. Always creative

Let’s return to spontaneity. Entrepreneurs constantly pay attention to things that can change the market, so they van surprise you pleasantly in moment you don’t expect.

12. Entrepreneurship course – free of charge

You will learn a lot just from listening your partner’s stories, triumphs and problems. Even though maybe you haven’t planned to start your own business, this second-hand experience will make you an “honorary entrepreneur.”

13. It is difficult to explain what they do

Simple answer that your partner is an entrepreneur won’t work. Very often you’ll have to explain what your partner actually does, why, when, where……..and before you know, you will have spoken for 10-15 minutes.

14. They adore ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’

Entrepreneurs love watching films that portray the lives of the people they admire. They enjoy inspiring movies like ‘Jobs’ or ‘Pursuit of Happyness’.

15. Constantly changing emotions

All humans go through emotion changes. People naturally feed on success and despair when fail. But these changes are often very drastic and dramatic for business owners. They could be ecstatic at one moment and furious at the other.

16. Tell them to slow down

Remember they are ‘todólogos’? As soon as the project reaches the desk, they tend to start working on it. It’s a great way to meet interesting people and learn, but it can also lead to breakdown, so from time to time remind them to slow down.

17. Their ‘perfect’ partner

Their unpredictable agendas and dreams of greatness are more complicated than you may believe. If you could supports their goals, give them space, forgive for working hard and late, if you know how to take advantage of the free time – congratulations! You could be entrepreneur’s perfect match! In return, they’ll give the whole world.

18. We think of you and interest you more than you think

Don’t be discouraged to spend your time with an entrepreneur because of the abovementioned reasons. If you decide to do it, you will be much more appreciated. Your love and dedication mean a world to them!

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