China Has Already Exceeded its 2020 Solar Target

So far, China has met its projections for solar energy installation for 2020, confirming once again its world leading position in the solar power production.

Only during July 2017 China succeeded in providing 10.52 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity at national level in addition to the 24.4 GW of solar capacity installed over the first half of 2017. This reaffirmed once again its world leading position in solar energy production which is without chances to change in the near future.

The numbers show that Australia’s solar capacity reached around 6GW and it is expected to nearly double by the end of 2020, while the US installed 44.7 GW of solar capacity. In comparison to these countries, China has reached 24.02 GW of solar capacity in the last two months alone.

China has set a goal for reaching 105 GW of solar capacity before 2020 ends, but figures show that China has succeeded so far in installing 112.34 GW which exceeds the 2020 solar target. Everything taken into consideration, China’s solar power installation for 2017 is expected to reach between 40 and 45 GW.

This shows that solar power production is on the rise and it is likely to become cheaper and one of the main energy sources worldwide which is very important, because fossil fuels have negative impact on the environment and human health.

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