25 Top Podcasts That Will Spur Your Entrepreneurial Vision

Listening to a podcast – a rare example of successful multitasking.

Podcasts are usually free and can be downloaded from any device. That makes them perfect for busy listeners. Of people say that you are trendy and podcasts are getting a lot of attention, you should examine them yourself (in case you haven’t already done it before). The previous year has been a stellar one for educational podcasts and a banner one in the sheer volume of podcasts appearing on platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes and even YouTube.

Podcasts are popular because they boost productivity (at least they should) and let you learn while multitasking. It is not maybe the best, but for sure it is simplest solution to gaining knowledge during your chaotic daily schedule.

People of different professions such as entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders, teachers …..are getting hooked on these educational broadcasts. It’s an indication they will become an integral part of our media diet and marketing methods in the future. As we mentioned before, not all of them are good. We recommend the following 25. Try them as soon as possible (if not immediately after reading this post).

1. StartUp

If you want to start your own business, this podcast is the right one for you. Gimlet Media has some really enjoyable startup podcasts. For instance, the story about how Blumberg founded Gimlet is inspiring and motivational. It contains a mix of personal and professional experiences and it’s amazing for all of the struggling entrepreneurs out there.

2. Mixergy

This podcast contains personal success stories of world-famous entrepreneurs. Mixergy has a large volume of podcasts and free courses that will help in walking that challenging start up path easier.

3. How to Start a Start Up

A collection of free podcasts that include everything you need to know about the startup life. “How to start a Start Up” gather all world’s experts in one place. If you still have doubts about starting your own business, these podcasts will change your mind.

4. Dose of Leadership

Richard Rierson, a person who has all the necessary life experience and knowledge that a person needs to become a leader, in his top-notch podcasts interviews professionals and talks about his own life experiences and what turned him into the successful leader he is now.

5. Manager Tools

This podcast, hosted by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman, offers practical advice on handling management issues.

6. HBR Idea Cast

Sarah Green is an editor at the Harvard Business Review and she also interviews major names like Eric Schmidt from Google in her podcasts. A podcast with truly amazing and educational content.

7. Office Hours

Daniel Pink has the experience and the expertise to preach about self-growth, passion, and drive. Biz Stone, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters and Harvey Mackay are guests in his educational podcasts.

8. Marketplace

This one is chockfull with great info. It’s another radio show with multiple programs such as Marketplace Report, Marketplace Weekly Update, and other important business themes. It’s hosted by Kai Ryssdal, David Brancaccio and Lizzie O’Leary.

9. Marketing Over Coffee

A podcast in which Christopher Penn and John Wall discuss new marketing trends, how strategy can improve your sales and other crucial marketing questions.

10. Self-Made Man

An amazing podcast about self-improvement and growth, whose host is Mike Dillard, has a different guest (that is an expert in the field of business and finance) in each episode.

11. This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis brings you the news and updates about the tech industry. Each episode is different and fresh with experienced entrepreneurs talking right to your ears and giving you their insight.

12. Breaking into Startups

This podcast has been created by Artur Meyster. It has the most unusual and unconventionally inspiring stories that will definitely change your life. All of the guests are people who broke into the tech industry from non-traditional backgrounds.

13. Social Pros

Want to know about new age marketing? This one has everything you need to know, with an emphasis on social media. Hosted by Jay Baer, this podcast has all of the new trends and strategies that you can use in social media marketing.

14. The Growth Show

The Growth Show, produced by HubSpot, can help you if you are looking for stories about outstanding growth in business and advice on how to achieve superiority, achieve growth and be better.

15. Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn is one of the people who are making money through passive income and he shares his strategies and experiences with the world. This podcast is full of strategies and plans that anyone can implement in their life.

16. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a successful entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author,hosts The School of Greatness podcast where he asks probing questions about self-growth and success.

17. Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Jamie Masters, who is passionate about business and entrepreneurship, has a dream to become a millionaire, although she is not there yet. She interviews successful people and millionaires, learns their stories, implements their strategies and finally achieves her goal. Follow her lead if you want to get closer to the same goal.

18. Unemployable Podcast

Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, hosts the Unemployable Podcast. He discusses about entrepreneurial life and encourages freelancers to believe in themselves and develop their personal business.

19. The Twenty Minute VC

If you want to learn more about venture capitalists, the The Twenty Minute VC podcast is what you’ve been looking for. Hosted by Harry Stebbings, this podcast will teach you how a venture capitalist acts and how you can think like they do.

20. Youpreneur FM

In his Youpreneur FM podcast, Chris Ducker exposes how to create a personal brand. He is an amazing and experienced interviewer that asks the right questions to get the right answers from his guests.

21. Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast gives you the greatest leadership lessons from retired Navy Seal Officer Jocko Willnik. Experienced and courageous Jocko teaches you lessons about fitness and leadership.

22. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire interviews exceptional and outstanding entrepreneurs and discusses strategies that can really transform a business or even an enterprise.

23. The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience is a podcast bursting with fascinating stories about entrepreneurs, life goals and success stories. Ashley Milne Tyte explores business truths and passions.

24. The Bottom Line

“The Bottom Line” hosted by Evan Davis, is in fact a radio show whose guests are related to the business world that discuss different topics as how some companies survive for centuries, modern management concepts and how technology impacts business.

25. Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series

The last but not the least “Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series” podcast is unique and different from all of the above listed. The Leader Series are lectures on entrepreneurship from famous speakers such as Ben Horowitz, Liz Wiseman and many more.

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